Cheryl Stabler, a native of the Midwest, is bringing the personal assistant touch to Jade Umbrella. Fondly referred to as “ART-ist Concierge”, she received a B.S. in Organizational Management from the Master’s College. Upon landing in Los Angeles in 1986, she began her career with the Los Angeles Times, where she served in management for fifteen years. There she learned how to patiently juggle many deadlines, projects and people. Along with managing large and mid-size projects, she facilitated software development and trained staff in Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Fernando Valley facilities. Upon leaving the Los Angeles Times, she managed a state-wide case management implementation and design of an HRIS system for the State of California and Los Angeles. After spending ten years at home raising children, she decided to serve the Entertainment Community as a personal assistant and entrepreneur. After traveling with multiple artists, handing ‘project items’, she understood her calling for Independent Artists and began to study the industry, develop a plan, gained a music mentor and a new business strategy.

Cheryl incorporated a business to serve as a concierge addressing referral services for independent artists which include, business management, private car/jet transportation, entertainment legal assistance, connections to local radio, publicity and more.  Sher also served as backstage management and venue management for concert venues and music festivals. With her wealth of connections in the music industry, her firm was positioned to fill the gap that most independent artists were missing…business providers with integrity that place the customer service first! In this instance…the ARTist first!

Most days, you will find Cheryl on the phone fielding questions from local artists, serving on red carpets, handling business calls/calendars for musicians, negotiating gigs, scheduling local radio, assisting with casting, business calls, travel, etc.

Cheryl’s focus is service! She will bring a new level of service to Jade Umbrella, so that Stacey and her management team can focus on what they do so well – – – PR work and working mega deals with clients! As a liaison serving Jade Umbrella, Cheryl will connect the ‘small-picture’ management details with artists, festivals, carpets and other projects. She is the hardest working, multi-tasking professional aide in Los Angeles! “ART-ist Concierge” can do more than you can ever begin to imagine!

Jade Motto: “You have something special! You have greatness within you! You can do more than you can ever begin to imagine.”