In the most unassuming way, these two names, Power & Industry and Daniel Thompson, have become synonymous with one of the most influential film industry events in the United States, The Sundance Film Festival.

The Festival is a juggernaut of networking for everyone from emerging independent film artists to the movers, shakers and moguls of Hollywood alike. In a keen 2010 business move Daniel Thompson, Visionary for Power & Industry, capitalized on this Festival’s infamous creature known as the “Lounge.”

This year will mark Daniel’s fourth year as owner and host of Power & Industry’s Independent Film Maker Lounge (commonly referred to as the #indielounge). With thousands of annual loyal-regulars boasting of its gourmet catering, exhilarating live entertainment coupled with the expert hospitality of industry award winning staff. Even this year’s dedicated Press Room for the Associate Press and celebrity meet & greets are cleverly and uniquely orchestrated throughout the 4 day event. Simply put, the way in which Daniel has infused his own personality into the “Indie” Lounge has been instrumental in creating the unique, charming atmosphere found within.

Sitting down with Daniel in his head offices you would be hard pressed to discover the major empire he commands over many markets. Despite his many production projects, vast real estate holdings and his philanthropic charities, Daniel has a way of making you feel instantly like family. He may be best known in the entertainment industry for his highly successful television series Flip Men on Spike TV. However, his production genius has also been brushed upon many commercials and short film canvases nationwide.

Speaking with Daniel is disarming. He is rather unassuming and although his life’s experiences give him reason to be pessimistic, his gentle optimism burns that all away. There is an ease and comfortable nature that permeates in his character. These are the same descriptions from the past 3 year’s attendees to his “Indie” Lounge. The many film executives, directors and decision makers who join with the A-List celebrities have made this their staple lounge because of its hospitable respite from the fast paced race that is The Sundance Film Festival. In a nod to Daniel’s efforts and business acumen, Utah State’s Governor Gary Herbert will officially recognize the lounge on January 18th this year.

Daniel has often been quoted as saying “Meet everyone, you never know the opportunity of a relationship until you ask” It has become clear rather quickly that in this superficial modern puppeteer media world, Daniel Thompson is the man you want pulling your strings for you.