Meet Laurie Nicoll

I built a career with over 25 years of executive level management, building fashion to finance businesses and after 20 plus years, I watched as my career and the industry that I had so loved, was destroyed in 2007. I found myself with serious decisions to make. As a single, mother of 2, I didn’t have the luxury of waiting it out, and determined that I needed to make some difficult career choices. I decided I wanted to do something to make a difference in people’s lives.

Now as Stemulation Luxury Skin Care President and CEO, I am pleased to say my brand has built a solid reputation in the stem cell aesthetics industry. Backed by real science and real results, my Newport Beach-based company has posed strategic moves to advance its future success. It was back in 2008 as Business Development Officer for a stem cell research company, where I learned extensively about the healing properties of stem cells. Having personally battled a skin condition stemming from a deficiency at birth, my body has been unable to produce vitamins A and D. This disorder affected my skin’s elastin and collagen production, causing suffering of embarrassingly dry, sensitive and prematurely aged skin. It was here where my wheels began to turn, and I aggressively spearheaded a two-year research program to identify a protocol that would capture the healing properties of topical stem cells. These studies resulted in a skin care line making a remarkable difference in both her skin and others, with a focus to create ‘clean clinical’ products consumers can count on, utilizing revolutionary stem cell technology. And Stemulation Skin Care was born.

Six years later and based on advanced stem cell research, Cole Martin Inc., the parent company of Stemulation, and I have assembled a team of experts to champion this goal. Stemulation’s topical application of cell derivatives being combined with highly concentrated antioxidant compounds has been proven through clinical trials to reduce the absorption of free radicals. Behind the Stemulation brand stands a team of doctors and scientists specialized in stem cell therapies from such noted institutions as the University of Southern California and Irvine’s noted Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center. Also in support, is a Board of Advisors comprised of world-renowned leaders from Lancôme, Revlon, Dauphin, Guinot, Dermalogica and Hyatt International.

This personal experience of shame associated with my skin and hearing painful stories of others, I am passionate about producing ethically manufactured, clean clinical products, that will help enable people to put their best face forward with confidence. It isn’t about anti-aging, but rather to eliminate the shame often associated with skin problems. Allowing your beauty to shine from the inside out while aging gracefully is key. My goal is further advance the efficacy and healing properties of stem cells in our products, making the world happier and more beautiful one face at a time.