I.C.O.N. began as a vision when two industry experts from different cultures and continents, Chiara Scudieri and Jorge Rubin, came together to form one forward-thinking company in 2002. A universal brand, positioned as a multi-dimensional commitment to green technology, liquid fashion, and determined energy for all things beauty, I.C.O.N. is a rising leader in the hair products industry.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Chiara began her career as a hair stylist and quickly developed a fascination with both the industry and the possibilities it presented. She channeled that fascination into research and development to create innovative products with a flair for influential style. An artist when it comes to hair, to this very day, Chiara hand-tests each formula until it exceeds both her and the industry’s expectations at I.C.O.N.’s Salon Lab and United States home base, located in Los Angeles, CA. Her forward-looking educational programs are designed to deliver information to salons and stylists worldwide. And her creative vision can be seen in every aspect of I.C.O.N. from product to State Of collections and more.

A successful salon owner and businessman, Jorge has an inside view into the workings of the professional salon industry. Pioneering philosophies such as “masstige” and “new-nique”, always fusing creative and business in order to elevate the success of each salon. His personal motto has always been to start doing today that will matter most tomorrow and in doing so, consistently captures the attention of new consumers and creates a truly memorable experience, inside and outside the salon. Rubin owns and operates the successful Jorge Rubin Salon, spending equal time in his native Spain, where he continues the successful development of I.C.O.N. Europe, and in Los Angeles.

CARE: Our care products are as good for the inside as they are for the outside. Shampoos are sulfate-free, conditioners and treatments are filled with anti-agers, our A.C.E. of vitamins and all are color-safe. Our “regimedies” combine a shampoo, conditioner and treatment to take hair to a new dimension repairing and preparing it for style.

STYLE: Design entails beautiful hair beautifully styled. Utilizing the smart technology inside our EcoTech formulations I.C.O.N. works to truly give each client a new or consistent identity. Because at the end of the day, identity IS what defines style! I.C.O.N’s liquid tools can be cocktailed or used alone to create new dimensions that we call “Liquid Fashion.”

COLOR: ECOTECH COLOR offers the next wave in permanent oxidation hair color cream from I.C.O.N. free of ammonia and paraphenylenediamine (PPD). ECOTECH COLOR is the ultimate synthesis of Ecology and Technology. It is formulated with specially selected raw materials homogenized with the active principles of nourishing earth-born extracts such as Chamomile, Sunflower, Olive, Salvia, Ginkgo Biloba, Panthenol or Aloe Vera.

INDIA: India from I.C.O.N. captures the essence of health and tranquility inside a product line that incorporates ancient practices with the restorative oils of Moringa and Argan. The women of India use these oils to heal. I.C.O.N. uses them for hair-yurvedic benefits to transform hair from dull & lifeless to silky, manageable and full of shine with an Amber fragrance.

PHILANTHROPY: I.C.O.N. gives back! Currently I.C.O.N. products donates a generous percentage of their #1 grossing product, CURE, directly to StopCancer.org. Over the past 3 years, I.C.O.N. has raised over 100k to help fund breast cancer research. “Cure For A Cause Campaign” is not just a professional statement, but a personal mission of everyone onboard the company. Through sales, Stop Cancer’s 5k/10k, Battle of the Boobies, and spreading the word through all promotion channels possible, I.C.O.N. is more than just another beauty brand. #CureForACause