Meet Kim Spadaro

Modern-day Renaissance woman, Kim Spadaro has built a fragrance empire fueled by her sense of adventure and capitalizing on sensuality and joie de vivre. Peeling back the layers of the visionary, alchemist, mompreneur and most colorful creator, she has filled her quest for soul food and success through her voyage of EAT. PRAY. LOVE.

As a young girl growing up in Florida, Spadaro was wonderstruck at the thought of traveling the globe. Her childhood was about exploring and discovering. From riding the surf at the beach, to the heat of the sun and warm, salty ocean, to sailing the rivers, she recalls the scent of the river breeze billowing the white sails and the sound of the water lapping the hull of the family sailing boat with the aroma of freshly oiled teak wafting in the air. Since then, Kim has turned that wanderlust into real life, exotic adventures, jet-setting for inspiration…inadvertently encountering (let’s just say) passionate romance along the way. Bottling up each experience into its own unique scent, the designer truly represents the spirit of adventure and lust for life we all dream about.

Spadaro stands extremely proud of her three beautiful children and the free-spirited nature upon which they’ve been raised. “I was taught by my parents I could do anything I wanted to, so when making my family’s house into a home over the years, many remodeling jobs were handled by me. I’ve stripped wood floors, demolished walls and have done a lot of digging in the dirt. These hands-on DIYs have kept me grounded, filling me with appreciation for what I have done because of my own two hands and on my own. It was important for me to pass this strength along to my children too,” Kim pridefully shared.

Once Spadaro’s children were old enough to adapt to her hectic and exhausting travels, it was time to befriend her vision into a tangible experience. At 44, she studied clinical aromatherapy for healing purposes and practical application into hospitals and specifically, the Wolfson’s Childrens’ Hospital to which she stands as a Board Member today. Immediately Kim felt this was her calling and was determined to follow her destiny through the story of scent. Little did she realize her oil blends were becoming desired by many and by popular demand, she was replenishing individual orders on a daily basis. The driving force and catalyst to produce these oil blends on a larger scale were inspired by a young mother losing her battle to cancer. She told Kim, “Don’t wait for the perfect time, life is too unpredictable.” This powerful messaging drove Spadaro Fragrance to open its doors in 2011.

2014 was a year of a set back when Kim was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Life came to a halt when seizures shut her down and critical brain surgery was required. Located on her olfactory, the brain tumor was causing her to lose her sense of smell and taste. Mayo Clinic’s Neurosurgeon Dr. Wharen came to the rescue and set up a team of top surgeons to remove the tumor and relieve its swelling. Fast forward to 2015, back and better than ever, Kim has nearly 100% recovered and barely missed a beat in taking the perfume industry by storm. In October 2015 and as a toast to good health, Japan was the next stop on the map for the fragrance designer. After spending quality time with monks and reconnecting spiritually, this was a smooth transition back into work mode. Upon returning from Japan, Spadaro’s passport was soon stamped for Abu Dhabi and Oman to meet with potential distribution and reestablish Middle Eastern relationships.

Today the internationally recognized perfume line is known for its luxurious scents,infused with rare oil blends…captivating, spicy, sensual and exotic — words that could easily describe Kim Spadaro herself. A deeply spiritual and peaceful person, Spadaro’s song plays to the tune of life full of love, meaning and celebration of her senses. Not only does the brand inspire the confidence and imagination of its wearers, but it also funds the Spadaro Foundation, honoring Kim’s mother, Barbara Renyolds, who passed away from cancer.

Kim’s inspirational and motivational outlook on life has become a staple to her personal mantra and Spadaro’s overall messaging. “I honestly believe the fragrance line has become a vessel for greatness to be shared in honoring peace, tolerance and global cultural understanding,” said Kim. With an insatiable appetite to experience or explore new exotic destinations and roads unwritten, she has taken chances most of us would shy away from. Spadaro’s passion for unfamiliar culture, natural bohemian flare and taste palette of a connoisseur, has blessed her with an innate gift of the senses to create these sensual nectars.

Currently on the market are four parfums, Noche Del Fuego®, inspired by Majorca Spain, Doux Amour®, inspired by Morocco, Sole Nero® inspired by Sicily, and Beso Del Mar®, inspired by Las Ventanas in Cabo. Rumor has it, Spadaro’s fifth fragrance soon to debut will be a spiritual, yet sexy scent paying homage to her most recent Bali journey. While Spadaro remains focused on filling her niche, she believes with the competition of the mass market brands saturating store shelves and magazines, there are still a great deal of informed and sophisticated consumers who are in search of fragrance as artful and unique as hers.

Fans are certainly lured by all things Spadaro, especially the authentic and seductive stories. Created from her heart, spirituality, life, love, loss and even tragedy, the Spadaro line of fragrances has a soul born to EAT. PRAY. LOVE.