Dr. Christopher Metzler is a legal scholar, CEO, strategist, and crisis manager. He moves easily from the barbershop to the boardroom. The TV personality and insightful public intellectual is a dynamic, quick-witted, and gifted personality and strategist who uses his talents and vast knowledge to advise politicians, academics and titans of industry on how to make and sustain change in a global world. Dr. Metzler is not defined by boundaries; instead, the Doctor shatters them.

Dr. Metzler appears regularly on The O’Reilly Factor and Fox News Strategy Room and CNBC where he provides expert commentary on U.S. and global affairs, politics, human rights, human capital, diversity and related issues. He travels extensively speaking to colleges, organizations and businesses in the United States and globally.

He has also appeared on BBC News, Sky News, C-Span and The Fox Nightly Scoreboard. His radio appearances have included Brain and the Judge, The Monica Crowley Show, The Joe Madison Show, The Tavis Smiley Show and The Bev Smith Show.

In addition to a Masters degree in Human Rights from Columbia University, he also holds a PhD from University of Aberdeen in Law as well as diplomas and postgraduate certificates in law. He is a member of The University of Oxford in Oxford, England as well as a member of Kellogg College at the University of Oxford. At Oxford, he read international human rights law leading to a law degree (MsT) in international human rights law from Oxford.

A seasoned academic and legal scholar. Public figure with numerous TV and other media appearance. Global Inclusion Expert and nerd.