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Stacey Barker


Born and raised in Carmel, Indiana, Stacey Barker brings her homegrown hospitality, free spirit, and strong value system to Jade Umbrella. Having graduated with a B.A. in Clothing & Textiles from the University of Akron and completed graduate studies in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Chicago, Stacey’s professional career started with the Levis Corporation. Having a knack for networking and being out on the Chicago style circuit, she quickly established her footing in the fashion community as an emerging designer and… [Read More]

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Erica Hill


Innovative and progressive thinker, Erica Hill, is an experienced entrepreneur who is adept at turning ideas into concrete business ventures. Otherwise known as Jade Umbrella’s “three point shot”, this Los Angeles native with studies in political science from San Diego State University, and business marketing from University of Phoenix, Erica has an extensive sports marketing background. Taking charge both on and off the court, Erica is born a leader and appreciates challenges only make her play that much harder!… [Read More]

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Bethlehem Awate

Junior Staff

A transplant to LA, Bethlehem Awate graduated from North Hennepin College in 2008 with a degree in Communications. In the fall of 2009, she moved out to LA to pursue a career in Public Relations. Gutsy and feisty, but at the same time poised, Beth is a workaholic and sponge for success. She hungrily devours experience and has a thirst to be constantly educated by all. Beth is the girl who beats all her friends online with “Words with Friends” and has a vocabulary from the brain food of books that most people would die for… [Read More]

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