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     Founded in 2010 by Stacey D. Barker, Jade Umbrella’s synchronicity began when a group of like-minded and career savvy women, banded together and left their current places of work on a leap of faith. Having worked collaboratively on projects in lifestyle and entertainment, and the aftermath of a decade plus spent servicing other public relations, marketing, and event production agencies, Stacey and her Jade Gems felt a legitimate void in the marketplace. Sharing the same integrity, diligence, and sunny approach to love/life/pursuit of success, this serendipitous group became Jade Umbrella. Combining their collective skills, strengths, and expertise, this creative co-op was determined to cater to all 360 degrees of a client by offering an “umbrella” of services. Collectively, they vowed never to compromise their professional values and to work so hard it HAD to be fun. Jade Umbrella has been in full throttle, selectively adding members to its creative coalition along the way.

     Going back to the basics of grass roots and recycled days where clients raved results, is where you will find your lucky Jade. Tossing into the mix the elements of white-glove services, warmth, homespun hospitality, hard work, realistic expectations, and simple smiles, there is never a dull moment. The cliché of “whistle while you work” becomes a full-blown musical when spending a day in the life of Jade. Through professionalism and personality plus, Jade Umbrella delivers with hard work and heart.

Be blessed, be J-A-D-E-D…

Client & Event Videos:

#IndieLounge Video Sizzle Reel

I.C.O.N. Products Liquid Fashion

Kevin HartBeat Weekend

NBC KSL Sundance Swag Bag

The Love Shack Gospel Musical

Sundance Film Festival

B.O.B Live – LOT 323 SXSW

John Legend – Women’s Campaign International

Spadaro Fragrance

Meet the Team:

Stacey Barker


Kelly K

Senior Lead

Todd Schuetz

Todd Scheutz

Senior Lead

Allyona Sevanesian

Sophia Paliov


Nancy De Lazzaro

Junior Publicist

Chris Rogers

Director of Technology

Consumer sales increased 71% over a 10 month time period because of Jade Umbrella's mixed canvas campaign.

Laurie NicollCEO - Stemulation

Stacey Barker and Jade Umbrella have been an amazing asset in helping me spread my brand globally. Their professionalism, attention to detail and commitment has made an amazing impact on my success and market presence.

Paul D. HannahHollywood Filmmaker

Power & Industry couldn't have asked for a better publicity partner then Jade Umbrella, they strive to capture the attention of both A list celebrities a B list entertainers to financial players that bring the absolute best ROI. Thank you to the Girls at Jade Umbrella, you are our hero!

Daniel ThompsonVisionary