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On Tuesday, We Wear Black

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Out of all the places to visit in Los Angeles, a cemetery is probably not your first pick. No one wants to think of death but it is easily the first place you should start a tour of Hollywood. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is not just a place for funerals. The cemetery has concerts, festivals, movie nights, and even its own tour guide who will teach you all about the cemetery’s rich and scandalous history. Dressed in vintage from head to toe, two different eye colors, and a large folder containing many pictures and Film Noir posters – Art Deco Diva, Karie Bible is passionate about history and Hollywood. When you put that combination together in a cemetery, you have a recipe for eccentric magic.

(Photo courtesy of

(Photo courtesy of

Bible says “It perhaps one of the most creative and innovate cemeteries in the world. I’ve been to cemeteries in many other countries, but none of them can compare to Hollywood Forever.” She started the tours because of her love of the cemetery’s Hollywood history in 2002. Her tour is not only about its famous residents, but as much about the cemetery history, and the lives of some of Los Angeles’s notorious residents NOT buried on the grounds. It is an easy-to-follow tour with the only difficulty being retaining all the information and trying to not step on someone’s grave. Bible mentions so many films and stars from the cemetery and says, “I would like for people to leave the tour and seek out these films! With TCM, DVD and numerous online viewing portals, it has never been easier to learn about classic Hollywood!” Her tour is really a tribute. While there, I learned about Actor Rudolph Valentino and his infamous “Lady in Black” visitors.

If you are unfamiliar with the actor, Bible suggests starting with the movie “The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse,” her favorite of the late actors as well as his big break.  Valentino passed away at 31 years old and is at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  Every year on the anniversary of his death he has been visited by a “Lady in Black” bringing a bouquet of red roses. There have been three “Ladies in Black” and several imposters.

Preserving history is very important to Bible; the reigning “lady in black.” Bible says “The original “Lady in Black” was named Ditra Flame and her appearances really helped to fuel the continuing interest in Valentino. I decided to carry on the tradition in 2002 and I’ve been a “Lady in Black” ever since.”

(Photo courtesy of Brian Donelly of

(Karie Bible dressed as the “Lady in Black. Photo courtesy of Brian Donelly of

Tuesday, August 23rd is the anniversary of actor Rudolph Valentino’s death and his 89th memorial service. The Memorial starts at 12:10 pm and will include clips of the late actors work, music, poetry, and as Bible says “It is really not about his death as much as it is a celebration of his life, career, and legacy. You can expect to see a large number of Valentino fans who are there to pay tribute.” This year, I may just pay tribute myself as a “Lady in Black” imposter complete with a Jade Umbrella.

If you would like to take one of Karie Bible’s tours go to

For more information about the cemetery and concerts go to

You can find out about the movies at

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-La Vida Verde


Head Down. Get to work.

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“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” – my man Mandela

After being back in LA for 3 weeks, this quote rings quite true. While I’m thrilled to be back (LA is home), something feels different this time around. I tried pinpointing my feelings to try and figure it out but to no avail. Man did I make excuses, though.

“Maybe I need to get acclimated again.” “Maybe get our house unpacked and in order.” “Maybe seeing my friends.”


Then, as I was hiking this weekend, (damn, I didn’t miss that ish, but boy does it feel great!) Zeus himself shot me with one of his golden thunderbolts ⚡. That shit hurt … but the message was clear: I’m not the same person I was when I left almost 2 years ago. Call it cliche. Call it growth. Call it whatever you want, just acknowledge it’s truth. Things that mattered before don’t matter this time around. Dreams are clearer and more attainable. Goals are set. Distractions are recognized and shut down immediately. In short, can’t stop, won’t stop. Failure is not an option, and being inactive is the same poison by my definition. So! It’s time to get to work. My newly adopted motto from Gina Rodriguez, “Head down. Prayers up.”

Start each week off on the right foot. Set goals. Make plans. Support others’ visions. Sky’s the limit on what we can accomplish when we try.

Happy living 💛’s.

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Dirt, Metal, and Fire: the Excitement of Off Road Racing

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When it comes to racing, I never thought that I would be interested. I assume the fastest wins and there was not much other than that. NASCAR is not something I grew up watching. Seeing cars drive around in circles just seems like something I could do for free on any Los Angeles freeway. So how I found myself screaming up and down like a maniac at the Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, is definitely a story to tell.

My first impression of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series was that this was going to be hot and not much to see, other than dirt and mud. I was right about it being hot ­­– over 109 degrees, but there was far more to see than just dirt and mud. I thought I would have time to gather PokemonGo characters with all the free time I had. That was not going to work. This was Devore and you can bet the network coverage was not the best.

Once past the parking, I saw some of the largest tires I have ever seen. Sure that’s not interesting, but to get to the race track you need to pass Pit Crew City. There were lots of booths selling clothing, car accessories, food, drinks, and even Tonka trucks for the kids to play with.

The racers and their crew are friendly. These guys are happy to meet their fans and take pictures. I got to meet Racers Justin Peck #49 and Ray Griffith #53 and the whole Race Pro Tech team. These guys met with us after the race and shared some of the rules of the sport. Justin Peck has an entrepreneurial spirit that is infectious; owner of Giveaway Garage, Gear 49, Race Pro Tech and also has an autobiography in production. It was a privilege to learn about off-road racing from someone so passionate.

Table Top Jump

Catching Air!

Next were the grandstands. These are regular bleacher style seating, first come, and first served. We scored a spot up high to see all the action. Water trucks were spraying the dirt track which evaporated very quickly in the desert heat. I settled in my spot and tried to catch a Pokemon Growlithe with no luck and spotty coverage. With fresh lemonade, I gave up and simply waited for the races to start. There are seven different classes of cars, J1 Kart, J2 Kart, Mod Kart, Pro 2, Pro 4, Pro Buggy, and Pro Lite.  Some may look the same but the specifications on them are important to all the racers and their safety as I was soon to find out.

Like most sports in America, there was the National Anthem.  At this event, the Lucas Oil Series honored first responders to the December 2nd terror shootings in San Bernardino.  They presented a $5000 donation towards the SBStrong GoFundMe Campaign. An organization that helps raise money for the victims and their families.  Then there was fire and loud music to let us know the races were starting. With the wave of a green flag, the first race began.

I started screaming when I saw the first cars jumping in the air and fire shooting out from below. Everyone was on their feet. It is pure adrenaline! As I mentioned before, this is not some race where the cars just circle around; Off-Road racing is as much about the mud and jumps as it is about who’s first.  Off-Road is about teamwork. The drivers are assisted by an observer, using radios to give track data, how close competitors are getting. The crew inspects and checks up every detail of the cars before they go out, and fully inspect, repair, and clean every inch of the cars after.

"And they're off!"

“And they’re off!”

The races only last 16 regular laps. It is extended whenever a yellow caution flag is waved. The reasons for caution include collisions with other drivers, a rollover, crash into a rail or wall, and an object in the track. The adrenaline rush watching these races is amazing. The crashes and watching fiberglass body parts flying off of the trucks; it makes for an exciting time.

The race finishes with a traditional checkered flag after each race. the drivers are awarded trophies. The winners stand in front of a background with race sponsors scattered about, along with the name and location of the race. The announcer introduces each winning racer and allows each to say a few words about the race and to thank their crew and sponsors. It is an interesting tradition because the announcer starts with the 3rd place winner and works his way to the 1st place winner.

My initial impression was changed after seeing several races and meeting the drivers and crew. It is a good time filled with excitement leaving me with a desire to see more. The adrenaline packed racing is fun to watch and would be scary to drive, despite my experience with Los Angeles freeways.

The next in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series will be held on September 23 – 24 at the Lake Elsinore MotorSports Park in Lake Elsinore, CA. To find more information go to

Thank you for reading…

-La Vida Verde

Fan Photo's

Tina Curtis, Justin Peck #49, and me.

Happy Birthday Red!

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This weekend marked what would have been Lucille Ball’s 105th birthday. As I celebrate along with the millions of fans both old and new, I think of how Lucille came to be the infamous Lucille Ball.


Like many, I own, watch, and rewatch episodes of “I Love Lucy” on a regular basis. I can recite many by heart. While others watch for pure enjoyment, I watch as a teaching tool. I mean, who’s a better comedic teacher than the king of slapstick herself.


What some may, or may not know, is that before she was Lucy Ricardo, Lucille Ball was the star of B-movies in Hollywood. How on earth did she make the jump from B-star big screen to A-star small screen? She went by way of radio. Turning her radio hit series “My Favorite Husband” into a show about the lovable Ricardos and their pals the Mertzes. MFH provided the content and layout for “I Love Lucy” but that still doesn’t explain how she became the funny gal we all know and love?? Simple. She learned it.


Don’t misunderstand me, comedy can’t be taught, BUT it can be finessed. And that’s where Buster Keaton comes in. Desi saw the comedic genius that Lucy was and decided to bring in the big boss to help her hone that genius. So Buster, along with Red Skelton, took Ms. Ball under their wing and a star was born. But it wasn’t easy.

When they first started, Buster put Lucy through a scene to see she’d handle a situation. How she’d ‘act’. She bombed. It was at that point that Buster said, (I imagine exactly like this) “look kid, you got great chops but you’re thinking too hard red. We’re gonna run the scene again and this time, I want you to not think. Instead: Listen. React. Then act.”

And the rest, as they say, is television history. Needless to say, she took to heart what Keaton taught her. She later would use those exact words to try and create the next generation of comedians.Except this time she’d tell them to “SHUT UP! Listen! React. Then act.”

The great thing about Buster’s words is that they still remain very true today. In the world of acting (comedy in particular), it’s very important that one doesn’t act. Instead, listen to what’s being said. React to it internally. Then project externally.

Thank you, Ms. Ball. Not only for your timeless comedy but for continuously being a teacher to those of us willing to learn.

Happy birthday Red!!

Lucille Ball has knives thrown at her in the television series 'I Love Lucy', 1951. (Photo by CBS/Getty Images)

Lucille Ball has knives thrown at her in the television series ‘I Love Lucy’, 1951. (Photo by CBS/Getty Images)

Eritrean Woman: Blood of My Blood.

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Fact: By 1990, 40% of Eritrean freedom fighters were made up of women. Making the EPLF the highest percentile of women fighters than any other liberation army worldwide. Let that marinate for a second!!

Courtesy of

When I sit back and reflect on this, so many things become clearer in my mind. I’ve always admired the grace that Eritrean women embodied. Couple that with strength, resilience, and a loving heart that’s the cherry atop this sundae. My God, this woman sounds like some sort of medieval sorceress who spends her days strategizing world peace, while cooking monster meals for her little ones before sending them off to school, which she inevitably does on the back of a unicorn. In short, she doesn’t seem real. I mean, how do these women make it all seem so effortless?? Tell me your secrets. Tell me, I say!

The beauty of all this magic is that when you’re born into this reality one doesn’t have to look far. I’m fortunate enough to be talking about the many mothers, aunties, sisters, cousins, & friends I have in my abundantly blessed life.

I mean, is it a wonder that I’m a strong-willed feminist? It’s forged in my make. It runs through my veins. The perception that a woman can do anything and everything a man can. Think about it! Eritrean women have been fighting since 1810. They not only held house and home, they fought on the field alongside their countrymen. At a time in the world where women (although the backbone) were brushed to the side without thought, their opinions dissuaded, it’s knowing the stock one comes from that can shape who we are.


Courtesy of

Sorry mama. Sorry baba. I know of all the things that make the Eritrean woman, you wish I’d veer towards the domestic but that’s a no-go. Strap me up and send this jigna (warrior) to the battlefield (uh, hypothetical battlefield because you know…. I bruise easily 😔)

Jokes aside, I  want to take this moment to thank the thousands of women who’ve paved the way for me. You’ve taught me that my abilities in life can exceed all my expectations if I just do it!

A’day Eri, in all my endeavours I carry your spirit with me. Blood of my blood. 💚❤💛💙

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Bring Your Unique LuLaStyle

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No woman wants to show up to a party wearing her dress. With LuLaRoe, It is quite a different story. Not only will you high-five anyone with the same outfit you own but you will embrace a LuLaRoe sister even if she is in your exact same dress. Let me explain….LuLaRoe is a brand of clothing that will bring out your inner stylist. The Prints are funky and some downright questionable. They make over 1,000 prints and only make a 1,000 of each style in one print. So you rarely see the same print. But when you do, you know you found another LuLaRoe sorority sister.


The beauty of this is that it really is Pokemon for adults but in clothing. You’ll want to buy em all! Once you put your legs in your first pair of leggings and feel the “Buttery Soft” fabric for the first time, you will get hooked. Not only are they comfortable but they are affordable and do not show through. These are not just simply funky leggings either. LuLaRoe has dresses, shirts, skirts, jackets, and even a line for kids, teens, and men. But this is an exclusive club and you cannot purchase these things at your local retailers. Like Pokemon go, you are going to have to use one app or another.  LuLaRoe is a multi-level marketing group for independent consultants — sort of a Tupperware of clothing.



(Pictures courtesy of LuLaRoe)


I was introduced to LuLaRoe by one of my besties. She told me I would get hooked and soon feel like a joined a cult. I felt I was stronger than that as I slipped on the flying blue pig print with a red background.  The only thing I had to match this was a denim shirt. Soon enough, I wanted to try one of the dresses. Something that was easy to wear, not too hot for the weather and not too formal. The answer to my question was the Amelia dress. It has pockets! Need I say more?


All I had to do was find a print I liked in my size and purchase it. You do this by joining LuLaroe groups and search the picture albums and comment “Sold” on the item you want. Then you have 24 hours to pay for your purchase and it is mailed to you. Sounds simple enough right? Some 80 facebook groups later and I made my purchase — A leopard print Amelia. It came and I was instantly in love with its comfortable fabric and perfect cut of the dress. Now I  am a full-fledged addict. I search for my very own “unicorn’s” (That’s LuLa speak for a print that is hard to find that you want). I have my favorite groups and styles that I search for in particular. I like the Leggings, Randy Top, Perfect Tee, Madison Skirt, and Amelia Dress. I prefer groups that have albums. But there again, the new trend is to sell via Facebook Live streaming video or Periscope as one of my Reps, Elizabeth Olson, does. And like any addict, I refuse to see a problem. LuLaRoe is easy to wear and comes in petite and plus sizes so finding the great fit is easy.


(Picture courtesy of Elizabeth Olson)


Not every print out of the 1000 plus is a winner. So, many of the independent sales consultants have discount items for sale to move their inventory. There are even albums and Pinterest boards with print fails like “LuLaNO!’ A little styling goes a long way. Soon you will be so comfortable in these leggings that you will swear that mustard is the new pink. You’ll  find a way to wear the leggings that have been discounted to $12. The best way to get started is to get social. A simple search for a LuLaRoe group on Facebook or a consultant on Instagram or Twitter is all you need to get started.  If you are lucky, you just might have a friend, who knows a rep, who is having an open house sale. Then, you can try these gems on for yourself.