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October 2014

30 in 30

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A month ago I turned the big 3-0! The thought of turning 30 initially scared the shit out of me, but then it hit me *duh* when you live life to the fullest, time will not phase you. It actually gets better with age, baby! Here then are 30 things I’ve learned in my 30 years of living.
1. Baggage is irrelevant. Don’t harbor it. Let it go.

2. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.

3. Stay simple-hearted.

4. Growing up happens, no matter what you do. Embrace it.

5. Your heart is stronger than you think, so love hard & love often.

6. Cow’s milk over breast milk. (I was a Similac baby)

7. Dream big! The bigger and more unattainable it seems the more on track you are to achieving everything.

8. Leave the nest. Before you’re married or settle down, move to another city for at least 2 years.

9. Travel often.

10. Write down everything. When you come back to journals written 5 years back, you’ll see just how much you’ve changed/grown.

11. Never hold back your emotions. If you want to cry, cry! Yell, scream, run in place, whatever.

12. Tell the people that matter how much you love them.

13. Be kind to everyone. It feels so good, why would you want to do anything else? Seriously.

14. Broaden your horizon by becoming knowledgeable about what is happening to your fellow man in other countries.

15. Do what you can to help those in need any way you can.

16. Find time in the day for you to reflect. Have a moment of peace/serenity.

17. Get a puppy. They make your day.

18. When it rains, dance in it.

19. Believe in magic.

20. Eat in moderation, but never deprive yourself. If you want a cupcake, eat a cupcake dammit!

21. High school drama doesn’t end in High school, but you can choose not play a part in it. Win.

22. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

23. To the ladies, your period isn’t a taboo subject, its life.

24. Go to Disneyland at least once. It’s the mecca of happiness.

25. Make your faith bigger than your fears.

26. Keep moving forward. Always move forward.

27. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

28. If people find you peculiar, that’s good!

29. Smiling never goes out of style.

30. Finally, life doesn’t come with instructions, therein lays the beauty of it.

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You Can’t Avoid Destiny

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In 4th grade, I started to play the violin.


In 7th, I discovered you can create a ♪whole new world♪ (Aladdin reference) through writing and thus my love for it was born.


And acting? I’ve wanted to do that since the day my family and I turned on the TV & heard the intro to the sitcom that changed my life forever. Black and white, the heart takes formation and the lyrics begin,♪Da da da da da da da da………♪ Her name spells out in cursive: Lucille Ball.i-love-lucy-logo

And my “living room productions” began. I’ve had my hand in the arts my whole life, and though I don’t excel in any particular field, the arts are my one true love. A personal fear I’ve had, is that I would waste my life trying to pursue an industry filled with so many like driven folks. I’d question whether or not it was worth it? If I could succeed? The anxiety would get worse the older I got……but then I realized that entertaining is the only thing that makes me happy. It’s not about if I’m great at it, it’s how it makes me feel. And what better way to improve in something, then by doing it constantly. ‘Tis my destiny. I’ve accepted it. Revel in it. And now, must focus on it. Because of my revelation, I have looked into many different outlets I can use at my disposal to use the gifts I have. After much research and debate I’ve finally settle on vlogging! I’ve chosen my niche, how I want it shot, and have a rough outline to refer to when shooting each episode! The amount of of excitement surging through my body is electric!!

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