L-O-V-E Is in the Air: 10 Products Worth GUSHING Over

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February is always an interesting transition month, as we detox from 2 months of holidays back to back and winter coming to an end. With every month consumers go on a roller coaster rant of LOVES and HATES relative to products and services, so we Jade girls thought we’d join in the fun by opening our big mouths to G-U-S-H about all the good stuff we’ve been sampling as of late. Starting out 2013 at the Sundance Film Festival with exposure to all sorts of exciting brands at gifting lounges and events up and down Main Street, new clients on our roster, pre-Oscar fetes, and random OMG items while out and about, we are happy to share our current “favorite finds”. Please know that none of these products are paid endorsements and are 1000% of Cupid’s consumer heart. We hope that you, too, form a  love affair with the products that make our hearts go pitter patter.


Clarisonic PLUS Skin Cleansing System    $225

It’s NO J-O-K-E this product has made our faces glow, minimized fine lines,  evened out skin tone, prevented breakouts, skin feel smoother, and made our topical products such as serums and moisturizer work so much better! You can use it every day, every other day, and in the shower. The PLUS model has 5 speeds and a setting for use on your body, too. The Clarisonic is officially glued to our bathrooms! Clarisonic.com


Earth Science A-D-E Creamy Cleanser   $9.95

This gentle cleanser is formulated using natural fruit oils to cleanse the skin and remove make-up without using drying soaps. Its creamy formulation is dreamy on the skin and the perfect compliment to pair with the Clarisonic. We’ve found it moisturizes as it cleans, leaving our skin soft and supple with no greasy mineral oil build-up. Balanced to pH 5.5, it contains special Plant Sterols and Vitamins to leave the skin radiantly fresh and healthy looking. EarthScienceNaturals.com



SPADARO Fine Fragrances     $135-155.00

GRRRRRRR…We can’t get enough of Doux Amour’s rare blend of floralessences and sexy scent! With Ylang Ylang, Casablanca Lily and Moroccan Jasmine — its wrapped in a sultry, sueded accord of Patchouli,  Rare Amber and Sandalwood, and laced with a sheer veil of Vanilla to form      a new expression of sensuality. Other Spadaro fragrances include unisex  Noche Del Fuego and citrus Sole Nero that are both intoxicating. Kim Spadaro creates each scent from cherished memories of her mother,      infused with soul and love. Each is a tribute to the spirit of adventure and journey of self-discovery, while a percentage of all profits go to the Spadaro Foundation. The foundation was created as a tribute to those whom have touched Kim’s  life and the passing of her dear mother on 1/1/11.  Spadaro.co


Soap & Glory’s SEXY MOTHER PUCKER    Lip Plumping Gloss     $16.00

We’ve officially fallen in love with this glossy, pluming pucker prize and our make up bags now call this a MUST. You’ll notice 10X normal volume when lips absorb moisture, and circulation-enhancing LIPSWELL™ natural plant oil infusion to increase blood flow and make them look almost instantly lusher. Their color selection is brilliant and we bet you too, will find both its tingling and plumping gloss quality as addicting as we do.  SoapAndGlory.com




SPANX Ready-to-Wow              Structured Leggings      $92.00

If you’ve got anything that needs hiding after hibernating all winter and you have screaming saddle bags or a Mr. Muffin Top, these are the leggings for you! They’re perfectly opaque and a true savior to anyone’s wardrobe. These shape your booty in such a fabulously firm way and even though you may be faking it, your secret is safe with us. We guarantee they will “suck you in” so you can smile, while you get your body back to the gym and ready for spring.  Spanx.com


Queen of Kale Chips     $6.00  

Made with all fresh and natural ingredients, Queen of Kale Chips are unprocessed, raw and naturally good for you. Loved across the nation, these chips can be eaten as a snack or used as a garnish. We’ve found them delicious when sprinkled on salads, in hummus, and even pizza!!! Our favorite kale chip flavors are Sour Cream N Onion & Spicy Pepper. We’ve tried competitor chips and Queen of Kale blows theirs out of the water. Now making bigger bags, expanding by leaps and bounds, and any orders can be easily mailed direct.  FoodistMonk.net


Natural Nectar’s Gluten-Free CRACKELBRED    $4.29 

After reading Wheat Belly, we Jade girls have really tried to scale back our wheat intake and make a solid effort to eat gluten-free where we’re able. After picking up the Sun Dried Tomato & Oregano    flavor at Whole Foods and spreading on some Cypress Grove Chevre Sgt. Pepper cheese, it was love at first bite! At only 17 calories per slice and 4% carbs for 3 crackers, these crackers are a great alternative to standard crackers. Cracklebred.com 

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company      Blended Whiskey     $39.95

One of our superstar senior staffers is a huge cognac, whiskey, and bourbon lover who was instantaneously enamored by this craft distillery’s whiskey. Unbelievably impressed by the story behind its signature caps, how smooth it was to sip, and the complexity of its character in taste, there is no denying this whiskey of an aficionado’s palate. An extra-ordinarily complex spectrum of fragrance and flavor, Firestone and Roberston Whiskey mixes well or stands alone on the rocks or neat. Blenders’ Tasting Notes: Color: Auburn, Nose: Vanilla bean, oak and pear; Taste: Honey butter, banana, caramel and coffee; Finish: Long, smooth and slightly sweet; and Proof: 82. FRDistilling.com

Gypsy Zen LoveNLight Massage Candles   $12

Environmentally friendly, vegetarian, and made with soy wax and essential oils, our bedside tables     couldn’t be happier (hint hint) with the flicker of these Zen helpers. These candles are a two in one treat because they serve the purpose of filling a room from a fragrance perspective and relaxing element of a massage. Soy is a low temperature burning wax and moisturizer by nature –so as it melts, is safe to pour onto your skin and be used as a massage oil. Another bonus, it WILL NOT STAIN YOUR SHEETS! Our favorite scent so for the boudoir is the Energizing Citrus (Shea Butter, Soy, Sweet Almond Oil & Pure Orange Essential Oil) and for our office (minus the massage– LOL) is Cleansing Sage (Shea Butter,    Soy, Sweet Almond Oil,  Pure Sage Essential Oil & White Sage Pieces). Candles that burn cleaner and  longer and are “Made by Hand at Home With Love” are obvious stars in our eyes. GypsyZen.com                                                          

Rebound Now™ Hangover Prevention Tablets $2.99

Rebound Now™ is proof you can put your party pants on and still function the next day. Based on the cutting-edge B4ONETM technology by Synergy Point, Rebound Now™ achieves its world-class anti-acetaldehyde effect with a proprietary blend of everyday nutrients. Rebound Now™ is natural and contains only ingredients that are considered GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by US FDA*. We were able to hit the Sundance circuit and enjoy many cocktail parties without the agonizing, anticipated hangover, thanks to these little green guys. Did we mention we worked an 18 hour day, too?  Not to condone or excuse excessive consumption, we aren’t going to lie and say we  didn’t appreciate this natural, hangover prevention:) GreenSmartLiving.com


That’s all for this February’s L-O-V-E fest and Cupid’s top 10. March Madness is right around the corner and we can’t wait to splash into spring with another list of goodies to G-U-S-H over! As publicists we primarily promote only our retained clients and those directly a part of the events we produce. The intent of this monthly MUST HAVE list is a way to spread the love of other brands who’ve made a bang in our book and deserve a big “RA-RA” of recognition to consumers who trust honest reviewers. Be blessed, be J-A-D-E-D…