Feng Shui 2017

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Any creative or visionary knows that constant change is almost mandatory to keep things oiled and moving. I, for example, switch up my hairstyle frequently because each ‘Do’ makes me feel like another character. Key for any actor. Creatives also know when something has been the same for too long. We get anxious. We look for a change that can be made and we make it. The past few months, I’ve had a very hard time falling asleep. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was causing the insomnia-filled nights, but I knew I was over it.

I became obsessed with figuring out why I couldn’t sleep. I changed the scent in my bedroom. Got a diffuser. Added mood lighting. You name it. Then one day, while I was sitting on my bed I realized that the position of my bed put me far away from the window and I’m someone who thrives off natural sunlight. *Ting* Of course!! My bedroom was laid out all wrong! So I jump out of bed and get to work. I didn’t know how I wanted the room to look, but I knew it needed a makeover. After an hour, I’d rearranged my bed, desk, side table, chair, and rug and all of a sudden the energy of the room shifted! I’d opened the space up completely, and breathing felt like I had fresh new lungs! I’d found my new layout. I also changed my phone’s theme and even that gave me an extra feeling of being refreshed!


Like everything else in a creator’s life, balance is key, but change is also important and should be consistent. Routine causes us to be stagnant, and that does nothing for the creative juices. I’m thrilled for the change and so excited to spend the night in my all new feng shuied living space!

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Thank YOU 2012…

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With each New Year comes reflection and gratitude for different reasons among us all. Being saturated in a city such as Los Angeles in an industry where one is exposed 24/7 to a wide variety of personalities and work styles from clients, colleagues, and everyone in between, one quickly learns how to adapt, whom to trust, and what working relationships are worth their weight in gold. The combination of the economy and the daily cut throat nature of this business has put an interesting spin on this past year by testing relationships right and left. Saying goodbye to another year and hello to a whole new handbag of experiences is a bit of an “evolutionary ahhhhhhh”….

Every year I put the pressure of New Year’s resolutions on myself…make exercise a priority, get out of my cooking rut by trying new recipes more often, take an art-based class at a nearby community college, make time to call out of town friends more, etc. I always end up disappointing myself, so for 2013 I decided to reflect on my professional past rather than be rear-ended in a rotating year’s traffic jam. The cliché of “out with the old and in with the new” rings true, especially when knowing what it takes to detoxify oneself from the past 364 days and how to genuinely express gratitude. The recycling bin on my iMac is there for a reason… to dump the trash. By folding that thought into the silky sheets of daily living, it’s entirely worthless to hold on to who or what isn’t working. Healthy thoughts and relationships are what we should be feeding our bodies, just as we do through nutritious food choices and our obsession to sweat at the gym. So with all that being said,    W-E-L-C-O-M-E 2013 and W-E-L-C-O-M-E wellness!

After a decade now in Los Angeles, it’s fair to say I have accumulated a solid network of hard-working, loyal professionals and relationships I hold dear. In this life in my opinion, it’s not the car one drives or the red-soled shoes that anyone is going to remember in order to score points with the big man upstairs. It’s the stock of an individual that bleeds its way unto the universe’s perception of ones true self. Looking back, all these relationships began with trust. Without trust there is nothing and if compromised, one must be prepared to give that Miss America wave. Each relationship had a healthy quality to it and something unique with each introduction. The selfishness of EGO from both parties was nonexistent and why these relationships worked so nicely. As the Philosopher Yogi Osho once stated, “If the ego is fulfilled through giving, nothing is being given. Ego cannot share. The ego can never be generous; that is not its nature.” In an economy as tough as ours, teamwork has spoken miles. This holds true. We have supported one another without feeling threatened, exchanged skill sets, and dually delivered. 2012 has truly been a year of enlightenment, learning, kinship, and the BEST in my professional career to date.

So those of you who have played in my so-called sandbox and schlepped through the #$%* and smiles, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! You are official treasures buried deep in my forever box of gratitude and made an incredible impact on my life as a whole. Thank you for all your gifts and growth in 2012. My vow for 2013 is to keep rocking the same “rose-colored lenses”, never to break that trust or become, and to keep you close to my pocket. Cheers to our catalogue of experiences and a wild ride to come! VRRRRRRRMMMMMM…