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I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

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From the time I could remember, I have always loved magic. Growing up a Disney kid, I was swept away with the idea of castles, princes, princesses, curses, villains (who I always seemed to have an affinity for), duels, fairies, and EVERYTHING else I haven’t mentioned.
I’d dream of being part of a mystical world where the fight for good and evil was apparent yet much simpler than the reality we live in today. And where good always, ALWAYS triumphs.
Lately, my dreams are more realistic as the ABC show “Once Upon A Time” embodies everything I’ve listed in a world I am dying to one day join, but enjoy in my dreams……for now.
Unfortunately, the world we live in doesn’t allow for such thinking. We’re told, as we get older, that magic doesn’t exist and we’re supposed to “grow up”. To which I gladly throw up my middle finger. My inner Peter Pan wouldn’t allow it anyway.
I don’t question whether or not I’m right anymore, I just accept it as who I am: that I do in fact, believe in magic.
As an artist, be it actor, writer, director etc. an imagination is our most powerful tool and source for coming up with ideas to put to the screen. The bigger the imagination the more inventive the idea. It was when I decided that film was my life that I knew that remaining child like would be an asset. I’ll take it!
Moral of this blog is don’t listen to others. Who on earth is going to know more about what you need than yourself.

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