What I’m starting to realize about life is, we get from it that which we give.
In my line of work, I stay up late and wake up early (for the most part). When I do wake, the first thing I do is check my phone/email for assignments and deadlines. Many times, not eating or drinking anything til I’ve set my days’ itinerary. It’s a fast paced career.
And it’s becoming to wear on me. I’m sluggish, tired, ornery, and without peace. I see it in the way I lead my day-to-day life and it’s not one of happiness but rather duty.
Does it mean I hate my job? No. But it does mean I’m making it a possibility. Not really sure what the antidote for this particular problem is.
Or at least I thought I didn’t………..’til yesterday.
Yesterday I chose to start my day in peace. Before I looked at my phone, or checked my computer I took a moment for myself. I cleared my head and thought on what it was I wanted to accomplish for the day, and where it was I needed help. I simply prayed. (If you prefer meditate, that works as well,) It’s all a matter of taking time for yourself. To calm yourself before you start your day.
I coupled that with a warm cup of lemon water and off I went.
I gotta say, it was one of the most productive days I’ve had, in which, when I finished I wasn’t cranky or ready for a nap, but rather ready to do more in my day.
And so this is my tbt to better days.
We forget how important it is to start our day preparing ourself for the day.
My challenge to you. Namaste

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