#BrokenRelationships; Because Our Feelings Are Important!

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img_6061We didn’t plan it; it just was the day we could all get together. It just so happened to be my late grandfather’s birthday. So it was ironic for my aunt and me to take my grandmother to The Museum of Broken Relationships on a day that would indefinitely remind us all of him.  My grandmother and grandfather got divorced after 30 years of marriage. She could arguably be the patron saint of broken relationships.  It was not a mutual decision.  I am sure that they both loved each other in their own flawed way up until the day he died. We recently found letters that my grandfather sent her. She wrote in-between his declaration of love; words that reminded her of why their relationship did not work. These are now destroyed.

Every relationship that ends leaves pieces that are difficult for many to let go of and some that are downright impossible to keep while starting a new relationship (I’m talking to you; women who keep stuffed teddy bears from exes).  People flock to Burning Man to burn things in effigy but if that is not your style, the Museum of Broken Relationships may be the answer.

The Museum is located in Los Angeles on Hollywood Boulevard. Not only do they display these past trophies of sentimental value, but they take donations and display the collection anonymously. Each display holds its own story. There were collections of mixed tapes, bras, and even an engagement ring.  One display (silicone breast implants) is a good reminder to never alter one’s body for someone else. Another of old cologne bottles, a painful reminder that some relationships are broken by death and not a mutual parting. A stuffed Betty Boop doll from a same-sex co-worker who received the gift from a crush. She knew that her crush was heterosexual and an intimate relationship would never work. 20160823_155315

So, if you have been holding on to the past and do not know where to start to let go, you can donate your memories to the museum. I have not had any bad breakups. The only thing I consider is a small stuffed dragon that I took when I moved from my mother’s home. My mom and I have never been close. I took the dragon in hopes that one day we could mend and have a meaningful mother and daughter relationships that are the scripts for movies. Alas, I have found that there are so many other relationships that mean more to me because of those willing to work together. My aunts, cousins, friends and anyone who invests time in a relationship. I still have that stuffed dragon, and know I should let it go.

One of the most  powerful donations is a tiny piece of paper with the words “Pay attention to me” written on it. It was donated by an artist who’s former girlfriend slipped him the piece of paper but he was too busy to look. It took him two years to find it. In a world of #Selfies, let us strive to love more often, forgive more often, and “pay attention” to those who matter the most.20160823_153551

Click The Museum of Broken Relationships for more information.

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-La Vida Verde

Random Act of Kindness

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Over the weekend, Grandma turned 95 years old. To give you the back story on her independence to date, know that she still lives in the same house which  her three children were born in the 40’s, still drives, still does all her own cooking, cleaning, and laundry, and took care of Grandpa on her own up until his passing 2 years ago. Saying she is a remarkably strong woman is an understatement. She maneuvers around like a shiny, senior Corvette and proves it’s possible to “keep calm and carry on”. When asked her recipe for happiness, health, and staying so young at heart, she tells her grandchildren it’s all about keeping things simple, not to spend time worrying about things we can’t control, and commit to conversations with the younger generations to keep you on your toes.

With QVC being her one stop shop for a laptop, flat screen television, touch screen smart phone, roses, and clothes, there is something to say about she surfing through the signs of time.  Adaptability is key to so many things. It’s such a simple splash to save one’s sanity as the years progress, where the concept of change isn’t feared but rather embraced like the kind stuck in one’s car seats.  I try to keep Grandma’s motto in check in the age of everything trying to catch up to the speed of light, technology finding a way to link up all our accounts, electronics, etc, when work often bulldozes over the nuances, and the continuous societal struggle to remember that LESS IS MORE. It would be selfish not to spill her secrets and share the random act of kindness she experienced on her oh so special day.

Grandma’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren staged a surprise party for her at nearby hotel, where some of our family stay when in from out-of-town. Across the hall from our relatives in room #314, an unknown family, two adults and 3 children, were staying while their home was being finished by local builders. They saw a poster on room #315’s door announcing grandma’s 95th birthday. They took it upon themselves to knock on the door when they heard the livelihood of the party begin….noisy chatter, the singing of Happy Birthday, balloons popping, champagne popping, glasses clinking, and little children blowing whistles. The family presented grandmother with a gorgeous bouquet of a dozen ruby-red roses, wishing her many more years of good health and joy. The entire birthday party, including my grandma, could not believe this selfless act of extreme kindness by such a caring family. The three kids of the family across the hall were given a huge example by their parents of the joy and value of “giving to others.”

Bottom line, this was a reminder there is still GOOD in a world that often feels out of sync. When random acts of kindness like this strike, it is proof that the world has the ability to lead with its heart. A family who didn’t know our family or grandmother from Adam, wanted to share in the celebration for a life of 95 years and counting. These are the things that people remember for the rest of their lives. The little things truly are the big things that travel in an infinite way. Kindness does count and it’s up to we the people of this planet to give back through the art of “just because”. As Buddha once said, “Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity. This event was of truth, teaching, and celebration all wrapped into one giant package. Happy 95th birthday, Grandma….

Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care Flyer

Blue Spa & Lifeline® Stem Cell Skin Care = Beauty Breakthrough

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Blue Spa and Lifeline® Stem Cell Skin Care Pair up to Promote a Beauty Breakthrough and Scientific Approach to Anti-Aging on a Cellular Level

Skin care meets science for stem cell education and product introduction to the only human and non-embryonic stem cell skincare line of its kind on October 25th, 2012

(Los Angeles, CA)  October 8, 2012– Blue Spa, located at 14622 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403, is proud to introduce a new era in anti-aging and skin science to the public through Lifeline® Skin Care’s Southern California launch. On Thursday, October 25th, 2012 from 5-9 pm, beauty VIPs and industry elite will gather for an evening of stem cell education by expert and Director of Education in Stem Cell Science, Linda Nelson, luxury Medi Spa pampering, skin-changing products, gift bags, hors d’oeuvres, and free-flowing Courvoisier Gold Moscato.

Lifeline® Skin Care products feature a unique combination of stem cell extracts, vitamins A, B, E, and antioxidants that work synergistically to create new healthy cells. To date, Lifeline® is the only skin care line based on human non-embryonic stem cells, which give skin cells the ability to continually proliferate. The result is firmer, smoother, younger and healthier looking skin. Lifeline® Skin Care is based on a patented method for ethically extracting growth factors and peptides from young, human stem cells through the use of non-fertilized eggs and never embryos. Stem cell extracts help to increase skin’s overall thickness, making skin less vulnerable to premature aging.

Independent clinical studies have proven 73% firmer, tighter skin, 93% improved skin hydration, 63% improved skin tone and brightness, and 67% improved appearance of lines and wrinkles with topical use. With benefits boasting similar to those of collagen injections, Lifeline® Skin Care offers a collection of formulas for day and night use.  Both the Defensive Day Moisturizer Serum SPF 15 and Recovery Night Moisture Serum feature unique combinations of stem cell extract, vitamins A, B, E, and antioxidants.

Stimulating the skin’s ability to repair itself, these products along with Blue Spa professional procedures and treatments, make a win-win combination for beauty enthusiasts wanting to achieve optimal skincare results. Owner of Blue Spa, Ronda Nofal, recently stated, We are very pleased to be the first Medi Spa in Los Angeles to offer Lifeline@ Skin Care technology to clients. The science and technology behind this product line is far beyond anything else on the market and the results speak for themselves. Our staff has been using these products for the last two months and they have noticed they’re the perfect compliment to any of our facial laser services: IPL (FotoFacial), Laser Genesis, and Titan Skin Tightening. The skin reacts beautifully when paired with dermal fillers, Vitalize Peels, and Micro-dermabrasion as well.“

Members of the press and media are invited for early entry on Thursday, October 25th, 2012 between 1-4 pm for Q& A with Lifeline® Skin Care expert, Linda Nelson. Additional hours have been arranged for Friday, October 26th, 2012 from 10am-12 pm. Please contact Blue Spa and Lifeline® Skin Care’s publicity team at Jade Umbrella, to schedule interviews. Please email Stacey Barker (stacey@jadeumbrella.com) or Erica Hill (erica@jadeumbrella.com).

About Blue Spa: Opened in October 1999 and former home to the infamous La Reina Theater, Blue Medi Spa is modern luxury spa combining beauty, science, service, and style. Staying ahead of beauty trends and the most effective treatments, highly trained specialists have the knowledge and a decade of experience in lasers (IPL/ Titan/ Laser Genesis/ Zerona), anti-aging skin cocktails, weight loss, non-invasive body contouring, and one-step-ahead aesthetic options. Blue Spa, “where feeling blue, never felt better”…

Website: www.bluespa.com

About Lifeline® Skin Care: Developed in 2010 by the International Stem Cell Corporation (http://www.internationalstemcellcorporation.com) while researching cures for diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease, a team of biotech scientists discovered a powerful compound for regenerating skin cells. Lifeline® Skin Care’s goal is to help improve the look and feel of you skin by combining the latest discoveries in the fields of stem cell biology, nanotechnology and skin cream formulation technology to create the highest quality, scientifically tested, and most effective anti-aging products. Revenue helps to fund further research into finding cures and treatments for Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Liver, Eye, and other neurological diseases.

Website: www.lifelineskincare.com