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#BrokenRelationships; Because Our Feelings Are Important!

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img_6061We didn’t plan it; it just was the day we could all get together. It just so happened to be my late grandfather’s birthday. So it was ironic for my aunt and me to take my grandmother to The Museum of Broken Relationships on a day that would indefinitely remind us all of him.  My grandmother and grandfather got divorced after 30 years of marriage. She could arguably be the patron saint of broken relationships.  It was not a mutual decision.  I am sure that they both loved each other in their own flawed way up until the day he died. We recently found letters that my grandfather sent her. She wrote in-between his declaration of love; words that reminded her of why their relationship did not work. These are now destroyed.

Every relationship that ends leaves pieces that are difficult for many to let go of and some that are downright impossible to keep while starting a new relationship (I’m talking to you; women who keep stuffed teddy bears from exes).  People flock to Burning Man to burn things in effigy but if that is not your style, the Museum of Broken Relationships may be the answer.

The Museum is located in Los Angeles on Hollywood Boulevard. Not only do they display these past trophies of sentimental value, but they take donations and display the collection anonymously. Each display holds its own story. There were collections of mixed tapes, bras, and even an engagement ring.  One display (silicone breast implants) is a good reminder to never alter one’s body for someone else. Another of old cologne bottles, a painful reminder that some relationships are broken by death and not a mutual parting. A stuffed Betty Boop doll from a same-sex co-worker who received the gift from a crush. She knew that her crush was heterosexual and an intimate relationship would never work. 20160823_155315

So, if you have been holding on to the past and do not know where to start to let go, you can donate your memories to the museum. I have not had any bad breakups. The only thing I consider is a small stuffed dragon that I took when I moved from my mother’s home. My mom and I have never been close. I took the dragon in hopes that one day we could mend and have a meaningful mother and daughter relationships that are the scripts for movies. Alas, I have found that there are so many other relationships that mean more to me because of those willing to work together. My aunts, cousins, friends and anyone who invests time in a relationship. I still have that stuffed dragon, and know I should let it go.

One of the most  powerful donations is a tiny piece of paper with the words “Pay attention to me” written on it. It was donated by an artist who’s former girlfriend slipped him the piece of paper but he was too busy to look. It took him two years to find it. In a world of #Selfies, let us strive to love more often, forgive more often, and “pay attention” to those who matter the most.20160823_153551

Click The Museum of Broken Relationships for more information.

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California, Here I Come…again.

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Lily’s on her way and I’m following suit. As I pack the last of my things and bid the twin cities farewell, I reflect on the last 22 months. I’ve never come to terms with the fact that I left LA in the first place (bad planning on my part). But revisiting this chapter has made me aware of a few things:

1. (I start with a cliche) Things happen for a reason. The growth and revelations I’ve had have only been made possible because of my return to MN.

2. My family has always been my core.

2a. That being said, my family goes beyond blood ties. I have the very best family a person could ask for. That we aren’t all blood related, makes the relationship that much more.

3. Having a vision is key to making changes. The execution is what unlocks the dream and creates the reality.

4. I’m returning changed. The type of change that is required for Los Angeles.

5. Creativity is powerful. Nowadays, you can literally create your profession instead of waiting on others to create it for you.

Goodbye, Minneapolis. Watch over the loved ones I’ve left in your care. LA, your prodigal daughter returns. Not to mention, Los Angeles has one kick-ass night view. *sigh* I’m home. To be continued….

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My First Premiere

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Mission: “Range 15”, Zombie Veteran Movie and the Bad Asses involved with it.

Being the new girl at Jade Umbrella can be quite intimidating. For someone who loves Indie films, I was lucky to land at “Range 15,” a Veteran zombie movie directed by Ross Patterson and has raised $1.1 million via IndieGoGo. It stars a group of impressive military veterans; the Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, Mat Best, Nick Palmisciano. Medal of Honor recipients Leroy Petry and Clint Romesha produced “Range 15.” It is the first ever veteran-made blockbuster. It was a just a privilege to be with that many decorated veterans at the same time, let alone a movie premiere and this was my own red carpet boot camp. My respect for veterans is deep. Grandfather served the US Army in Korea and my Father-in- Law served in the US Air Force in Vietnam. So when I found myself surrounded by these veterans, actors, producers, and writers; you can imagine how nervous I was. To say that I had overthought the event would be an understatement. Like Scar from the Lion King, I like to be prepared. I stressed out way too much before the event about what I was going to be wearing. I lost sight of what was more important. I got a specs sheet with everyone’s picture on it and their names. These specs sheets are for the media, a “Who’s Who” tool for the event, but I wanted to feel a lot more confident knowing everyone’s name. I wish I had researched everyone like Anne Hathaway’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada.” At the “Range 15” pre-party I got to meet so many people and even met veterans who came out to support the movie even though they were not personally involved. This is where I got to really have a lot of fun taking pictures of everyone.

20160603_213550(Me with a Veteran who came to show his support)

20160603_210356(Weston Scott from “We Are The Mighty” interviewing Mary “WonderNubs” Dague)

20160603_21425320160603_21115820160603_204928(Some candid shots of Jessie Wiseman, Jarred Taylor, Vincent “Rocco” Vargas, Mindy Robinson, and Siva Kaneeswaran)

Soon we were to leave to the Vista Theater for the red carpet. I drove my own car. I also do not have an Uber account. I found great public parking in the heart of the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. Score! But now I could have gotten stuck walking to the Theater 2 blocks away in 5-inch heels. No thank you, Uber to the rescue! You can guarantee I have an account now. The thought of being anywhere near the infamous red carpet sent me into to a bad episode of “Fashion Police.” I opted for wearing 5-inch heels. They look fabulous and are comfortable for about 3 hours. I was not going to be the focus of these pictures and lost sight that I should be more concerned with everyone else looking fabulous. Those 5-inch heels became the bane of my existence. I had asked permission when I was hired to wear comfortable but fashionable footwear, but when the email came with dressing guidelines, I took “wear heels” a little too literally. As a result, my toes were numb for 5 days. I wish I had the flip-flops I drove in or the beautiful pair of Gracie Dr. Martin’s I had planned on wearing. These are the most beautiful Dr. Martin’s I have ever seen. They should make a line of footwear just for publicists. Look at those fabulous heels below. Ouch!


(Logan Stark, Black Rifle Coffee and Melissa Jensen, Producers)

I longed for my digital camera at home because I could not compete with large professional flashes. Below is an example what happens when my tablet has to compete with a professional camera flash. The digital cameras these days come with BlueTooth Technology I can upload and post to social media right away. I’d splurge on the waterproof camera. I’ll need it for kayaking and swimming with sharks (more on that later). I carried my Samsung Note Tablet, Samsung Phone, and left my backup charger plugged in at home because I was so nervous. Halfway through the event, my phone died. Luckily I had my tablet to continue taking pictures but I wish I had my backup charger.


(Bo Roses, costume designer for Range 15)

I learned that I need to be aware of my surroundings and where everyone puts their belongings. Everyone from Jade Umbrella is “slating” stars, taking pictures, and helping everyone and I kept an extra eye on personal belongings to help everyone involved. There is a lot of action and there may not be security. I took the initiative with anything I saw unattended. Paparazzi are not friends and may show up and spoil the fun. I learned to care of celebs. There may not be much we can do other than warning that celeb where paparazzi is lurking or plan to have them walk a different route but that is still better than nothing. I wore an engraved dog tag style necklace that my aunt got all her nieces in my grandfather’s honor to the event. As the night progressed I got more comfortable with conversation by wearing those dog tags. This was good because I asked for my first celeb selfie. Trevor Snarr, one of the actors in “Range 15” also who served 7 years in the air force AKA “Don” (“Summer Weedley’s” boyfriend) from “Napoleon Dynamite” was nice enough to take a selfie with me, not only with his camera but texted it to me since my phone died.

Getting comfortable with this experience was getting better as I shared with everyone that this was my first time. Now, “Range 15” is the #2 comedy in the nation. So far, the butterflies I had in my stomach still have not gone away. Every review I see, every tweet, or blog; I cannot believe how much I lucked out to see this milestone for the Military community.

-La Vida Verde

New Orleans, Still Classy

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Next year marks the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina; the storm that stole 1,833 souls. I had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans pre-Katrina, and just recently, post. I have to say that New Orleans did not lose its charm and instead maintained her classy, ever gracious self. In a city where one can wander the streets with alcoholic beverages in their hand, one may think the city is reminiscent to a modern day Gomorrah, but instead you find yourself amongst the friendly folks. Filled with southern hospitality and a great appreciation for life, the citizens of this city went above and beyond to make me and my associates feel at home.
The general public is from all walks of life. Folks of New Orleans aren’t known because of their outer appearance, but by the way they treat you. Men, women, black, white, foreign and native alike all held one thing; they were courteous, and full of life. They didn’t treat you as if you were a visitor in the city but more like family they’ve known for ages. What some may have found abrupt, I saw as a group of people breaking down the barrier of tourists versus locals. One felt at home everywhere they went.
The history etched in the city is what makes it so majestic. Plaques of the Spanish officials the streets are named after, jazz bands playing in the streets, the buildings untouched on the outside, and the smells of classic creole and southern dishes wafting through the streets make you feel like if you closed your eyes you could be walking the streets when New Orleans was first becoming what it’s now known for today.
The food was glorious! I think I had grits with every meal. Having grown up in the south, I’ve always been a fan of good ol’ fashioned southern style dishes, and the delicacies I tasted were simply out of this world. Simple dishes were given a twist, classic dishes were fused with new world flavor, and some dishes were served in paper bags as they had been for the past 50 years. No matter what your taste preference is, you were guaranteed to find something that would not only taste great but would also blow you away. And the freshness in their sea food can’t be compared to anything else! A dish that is common to New Orleans was Alligator. Alligator was a common find on every menu we came across. What I thought was a rare food was being ordered left and right with no surprise but as if the most common fare ever. I’ll admit I wasn’t brave enough to try the Alligator but I did understand just how popular a dish it is.
All in all, New Orleans captured my heart. I left a little bit of it there and plan to return shortly to not only get it back but fill it with even more love for that wonderful city.

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